California employers with 5 or more employees must provide sexual harassment prevention training for all employees every two years. Supervisors must receive 2-hours of training. All other employees must receive at least 1-hour of training.

The training must cover specific topics, and can only be conducted by certain experienced professionals. The CalChamber and other organizations offer fairly reasonably-priced online training videos. I, as well as other attorneys, provide live training. The price can vary significantly.

Now employers have a free option: The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has finally posted their online training. And it is absolutely free!

I’m typically not a fan of “one-size-fits-all” video training because you don’t get to address specific issues or adapt the presentation to the company’s culture. But if you are going to do video training to meet your anti-harassment policy obligations, then the DFEH training is likely a good choice. Aside from being free, it will undoubtedly include all the required content.

My biggest concern about video training is that there is no evidence that video training about sexual harassment actually prevents sexual harassment. Live (including via Zoom or other webinar platforms) training can be adapted to fit a company’s specific needs and is usually more engaging than watching a pre-recorded video. Of course, live training may be more costly and it may be more difficult to conduct the training at the same time.

Although the legislature extended the time frame within which the sexual harassment prevention training must be completed, the date is rapidly approaching. If your employees have not received the required training, consider the DFEH Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. If you prefer a more tailored-training, give me a call.

Original article Robert E. Nuddleman

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