We know the importance of these individuals and understands the employment law nuances for them.

Caregivers, Companions and Other Household Workers

Special employment laws apply to caregivers and other employees working in or about the home. The normal overtime exemptions and rules different depending on the type of work performed and where the work is performed. Failure to pay caregivers, companions and other household workers correctly can result in significant liability.

The Nuddleman Law Firm works with caregivers, family members, and fiduciaries when hiring or employing caregivers or other homecare workers. Robert Nuddleman, an experienced caregiver lawyer ensures caregivers are paid correctly. We also advise care agencies, referral agencies, third party employers and residential care facilities regarding how to comply with the law. When employers fail to pay correctly, we represent caregivers to obtain the wages unlawfully withheld.

Federal, state and local laws sometimes conflict with each other, or create opposing obligations. We simplify the process for you. We educate our clients, so they understand the law, and create simple to use agreements and forms to clarify the employment relationship. We advise clients
how to minimize the risks and comply with the law without breaking the bank.

Whether you are a family member thinking of hiring a caregiver, or an individual or agency already working with homecare workers, the East Bay employment law attorney at the Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. can help ease the stress and provide a clear path toward resolution. If you worked as a caregiver and believe you were not paid correctly or that you were wrongfully terminated, or if you are employing or thinking about employing a household worker, contact the Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. today for a reduced rate consultation regarding your
rights and obligations.

The Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. represents caregivers, personal attendants and companions, as well employers in a variety of employment-related disputes.

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