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Bay Area Employment Law Firm

The Nuddleman Law Firm represents individuals and companies in federal and state court and before various administrative agencies. A significant focus of its Bay Area employment law practice includes wage and hour disputes, claims of sex, race, age, and pregnancy discrimination and/or harassment, medical leaves and accommodating persons with disabilities. The Nuddleman Law Firm also represents companies in breach of contract claims, trade secret protection and business collection litigation.


Wrongful Termination

Discrimination and Retaliation

We develop strategies for employers to handle workplace issues without violating  the law, and represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated.  

Workplace Harassment

Gender and Sexual Orientation Harassment

The Nuddleman Law firm trains employers on how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and zealously prosecute claims of workplace harassment on behalf of employees.

Disability Accommodations

Medical Leaves of Absences

Properly accommodating employee disabilities can be complicated. We understand the rights and obligations of both sides to ensure compliance with the law, and help you with medical leaves of absence.

Wage and Hour

Overtime, Commissions, Meal & Rest Breaks

A significant portion of our practice involves unpaid wage claims, including minimum wage and overtime violations, unpaid bonuses and commissions, and claims under the Labor Code Private Attorney General Act (PAGA).

Employment Policies

Handbooks, Policies and Training

We review workplace handbooks and policies to ensure compliance with state, federal and local law. We train and advise employers and employees so they can address issues before they become problems.

Negotiations and ADR

Pre-Dispute Resolutions

We work with our clients to find the solutions that work best for them. Knowing which cases can be resolved without litigation, and which cases require court intervention helps us meet our clients’ goals.

Business Contracts

Business to Business Agreements

The Nuddleman Law Firm helps companies avoid common contract mistakes by ensuring your agreements contain the provisions you want
and need.

Business Collections

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Helping businesses with their bottom line by taking action when their accounts receivable becomes an issue.