Unpaid Wage Claims

Wage and Hour

The Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. represents employees and employers in a wide variety of wage and hour issues, including unpaid wage claims, minimum wage and overtime violations, unpaid bonuses and commissions, missed meal and rest break claims and representative actions under the Labor Code Private Attorney General Act (PAGA).

Employers are more likely to experience a wage and hour lawsuit than any other type of employee-employer dispute. Employers must pay employees correctly, and maintain adequate records, or face stiff penalties and attorneys’ fees. Recent legislative changes increase the likelihood that businesses will be sued for wage and hour violations. Many insurance policies, even Employer Practice Liability Insurance policies, do not cover wage and hour violations. Who qualifies as an “employer” is very broad, and can include any person or entity that controls the hours, wages or working conditions.

Robert Nuddleman has been representing employers and employees in wage and hour disputes for over 20 years. He educates HR professionals, businesses, and other lawyers regarding wage and hour claims and defends and prosecutes unpaid wage claims. The Nuddleman Law Firm helps employers develop pay practices and procedures that comply with the law, without breaking the bank. Mr. Nuddleman represents clients before administrative agencies such as the Labor Commissioner, as well as in state and federal courts.

Mr. Nuddleman helped recover $1 million in unpaid wages and penalties for a class of hair stylists and technicians working the California Bay Area. The Nuddleman Law Firm is experienced in handling individual, class actions and PAGA claims alleging meal and rest break violations, unpaid off-the-clock work, misclassification issues, minimum wage and overtime violations, and other unpaid wage claims.

Mr. Nuddleman enjoys wage and hour claims and developed a number of tools to help employers pay employees correctly. The Nuddleman Law Firm creates bonus and commission plans that serve the interests of all parties and comply with the law.

If you have a wage and hour question, contact the Nuddleman Law Firm for a reduced rate consultation. We help employees recover wages that should have been paid, and defend employers wrongfully accused of pay violations. More importantly, we help businesses create policies and plans to minimize the risk of wage and hour disputes.

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