Including Discrimination and Retaliation.

Wrongful Termination

The Nuddleman Law Firm represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated and
defends employers wrongfully accused of violating the law.

Although most employment in California is”at will”, employers can expressly or implicitly modify the at-will nature of the employment. An employer’s right to terminate an “at-will” employee is “subject to limits imposed by public policy.” An employer cannot terminate an employee where the termination is “something that public policy would condemn.”

It is illegal for employers to terminate employees or discipline them unfairly under certain conditions, such as:

  • Discrimination

  • Whistleblower termination
  • Termination for refusal to perform an illegal act
  • Termination for reporting suspected unlawful conduct
  • Termination for raising safety concerns

Knowing how to identify a wrongful termination is a critical first step toward resolving workplace issues.

Many wrongful termination cases arise because the employer failed to adequately document performance problems or other conduct issues. Improperly trained supervisors and managers can lead to a wrongful termination claim. Ignoring problems or failing to notify employees of problems when they arise can result in a wrongful termination suits. Employers can avoid wrongful termination claims if they take appropriate steps throughout the employment relationship.

The Nuddleman Law Firm helps employers avoid wrongful termination claims. Robert Nuddleman educates employers on best practices to avoid wrongful termination lawsuits, and defends business wrongfully accused of violating the law. The Nuddleman Law Firm represents employees terminated in violation of public policy, including retaliation, whistleblower and discrimination claims.

If you have questions about your termination, or if you are contemplating terminating an employee, contact the Nuddleman Law Firm for a reduced rate consultation. Robert Nuddleman will find out what happened, what you’d like to happen, and help identify obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goal.


State and federal laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Religion (including religious dress and grooming practices)
  • Color
  • Sex/gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical
    conditions), sex stereotype, gender identity/gender expression/transgender
    (including whether or not you are transitioning or have transitioned) and sexual
  • National origin
  • Ancestry
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Medical condition
  • Genetic information/characteristics
  • Marital status/registered domestic partner status
  • Age (40 and above)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Military or veteran status
  • Political activities or affiliations,
  • Status as a victim of domestic violence, assault, stalking or other violent crimes

Discrimination in the workplace is unlawful and can have a lasting negative effect on the victims and others in the workplace. False claims of discrimination can detract from a company’sprimary goals. The Nuddleman Law Firm works with employers to develop policies and procedures to prevent unlawful discrimination and defends employers against false falsediscrimination claims.Robert Nuddleman is frequently hired to investigate unlawful iscrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace. The Nuddleman Law Firm zealouslyadvocates for better working conditions on behalf of employees, and litigates cases against employers that refuse to take responsibility for their actions.


The same laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment also prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose unlawful discrimination or participate in an employment discrimination proceeding. Employers cannot fire, demote, harass or otherwise “retaliate” against someone who files a charge of discrimination, participates in a discrimination investigation or proceeding, or otherwise opposes discrimination or harassment.

In some cases, even when the underlying harassment or discrimination claim might not prevail, the employee may successfully assert a retaliation claim. It is important for employers to take any complaints regarding the workplace seriously. Robert Nuddleman trains management employees to identify and fix issues before they become problems.

When an employee complains about unlawful conduct, the Nuddleman Law Firm helps investigate and resolve the dispute. If a matter cannot be resolved internally, Robert Nuddleman represents employers and employees in retaliation lawsuits.

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