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Minimum Wage Increases for 2019

Most people know the minimum wage increases in California on January 1st. Employers with 26 or more employees must pay at least $12.00 per hour. Employers with fewer employees must pay at least $11.00 per hour. Other workers must also receive increased pay for the new year. Minimum Salary for “White Collar” Exemptions Most employees […]


Berkeley Minimum Wage Increase

Berkeley Minimum Wage Increase Minimum wage increases are all the rage. Berkeley, CA is no exception.  Effective October 1, 2017, Berkeley minimum wage increases to $13.75 per hour (from $12.53). It will increase again on October 1, 2018 to $15.00 per hour, and continue to increase each year. Because Berkeley has a higher minimum wage […]


Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Increases

As you get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, don’t forget that a number of local minimum wage increases across California will take effect July 1, 2017. Eligibility rules may vary among the locations listed below. Employers should review the individual city ordinances and follow posting requirements. Employee handbooks and policies, as well as […]


Minimum Wage Update

Updated May 16, 2016 There has been a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage at the federal, state and local levels.   It is getting more and more difficult to keep track of who has to get paid what in order to comply with current laws.  The following is my minimum wage update for California employers […]


Minimum Wage Tracker

Companies are struggling to keep up to date with the different minimum wage obligations.  Federal minimum wage is lower than California minimum wage which is lower than some cities’ minimum wage.  I’ve been struggling to find a useful place that has all the information I and my clients need to find the different minimum wage obligations, and have […]


Labor Commissioner to Enforce Local Minimum Wage Laws

I have represented scores of employees and employers before the California Labor Commissioner. Recently, with more and more cities and counties passing local ordinances raising the minimum wage for employees working within specific cities, the Labor Commissioner has sometimes taken the position that it is authorized to enforce local minimum wage laws.  I’ve spent a […]


New Law Promises More Liability for Employee Wages

California has been a pioneer in terms of enforcing the state’s wage and hour laws.  No sooner is a problem identified than a new law is passed to resolve the problem. This year, the governor signed SB 588 to help ensure employers pay employees the wages they are owed.  It creates powerful enforcement mechanisms for […]


Wage Deductions for Exempt Employee Absences

Wage deductions for exempt employee absences Most exempt employees must receive a guaranteed salary. The employee is paid for the work performed, not the hours worked.  This means an exempt employee gets paid the same amount regardless of whether s/he works 8 hours a day, or 1 hour a day.  Employers that fail to pay […]