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New Labor Law Posters for San Francisco

Every year, federal and state employment laws alter the landscape for employers. More recently, cities and counties have entered the mix with their own rules and regulations. Companies doing business in San Francisco are likely familiar with the ever-changing rules and posters.  Effective July 1, 2016, there are some new labor law posters for San Francisco companies that must be displayed in the workplace.  Which posters you have to display depends on how many employees you have working in San Francisco.

San Francisco Labor Law Posters

You can obtain nice laminated posters from various sources, but you have to be sure the posters are up to date and appropriate for your location and the size of your company. Alternatively, you can hunt around the Internet to find the new labor law posters. In order to make it easy for you, I’m including links to the new labor law posters for San Francisco in this article with a brief description of when you need the poster.  The links and posters are accurate as of July 1, 2016, but as I’ve said before, the laws keep changing so it is always a good idea to check with an employment law specialist.

San Francisco Minimum Wage Notice with New $13.00 per hour Minimum wage

On July 1, 2016, pursuant to Proposition J, which passed in 2014 with more than 76% of the vote, San Francisco’s minimum wage increases to $13.00.  All employers, regardless of where they are located, must pay their employees who perform work in San Francisco the San Francisco minimum wage.

The current SF Minimum Wage Notice can be downloaded here.

San Francisco has a helpful FAQ about the SF Minimum Wage requirements.

San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) Notice with Rate Increases for 2016

Businesses with 20 or more employees (and nonprofit organizations with 50 or more employees) must spend a minimum amount on health care benefits for each of their “covered employees” – generally, those employees who work 8 or more hours per week in San Francisco and have been employed for more than 90 days. Employers with 20-99 employees must spend at least $1.68 for each hour payable for each covered employee. Employers with 100+ employees must spend at least $2.53 for each hour payable for each covered employee. These expenditures must be made for each employee within 30 days following the end of each calendar quarter.

The current SF HCSO can be downloaded here.

You can find more information regarding the SF HCSO, including reporting requirements, here.

San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Notice

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance (FFWO) on October 8, 2013 and it became effective on January 1, 2014. This ordinance gives certain employees the right to request a flexible work arrangement and gives the employer the right to refuse for legitimate business reasons.

The FFWO requires that employers with 20 or more employees allow any employee who is employed in San Francisco, has been employed for six months or more by the current employer, and works at least eight hours per week on a regular basis to request a flexible or predictable working arrangement to assist with caregiving responsibilities. The employee may request the flexible or predictable working arrangement to assist with care for:

  1. a child or children under the age of eighteen;
  2. a person or persons with a serious health condition in a family relationship with the employee;  or
  3. a parent (age 65 or older) of the employee.

The official notice can be downloaded here.

The SF Office of Labor Standards Enforcement has a helpful FAQ regarding the FFWO.

San Francisco Paid Sick Leave Notice

The San Francisco Paid Sick Leave Ordinance became effective on February 5, 2007.  All employers must provide paid sick leave to each employee (including temporary and part-time employees) who performs work in San Francisco. Although statewide Paid Sick Leave Requirements went into effect on July 1, 2015, employers with employees performing work in San Francisco are required to comply with both laws. Unfortunately, compliance with the statewide Paid Sick Leave Requirements does not guarantee compliance with San Francisco Paid Sick Leave Ordinance.

The official poster that must be posted in the workplace can be downloaded here.

There is a helpful FAQ regarding the SF Paid Sick Leave Ordinance compared to the California paid sick leave requirements.

Knowing which labor law posters to post and when to get updates is not always easy. Hopefully this article will help companies comply with the posting requirements for the various labor law posters in San Francisco.

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