Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas Trees

As we get ready to spend time with the family, eat more than we should and fall asleep watching football, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I treasure this holiday because I get to spend it with my immediate and extended family. This usually means 60+ people gathering on the farm and catching up on the past year. Not to mention skeet shooting in the cotton fields. Unfortunately, we have to leave our doberman at home this year, but we have someone staying with her to make sure she’s happy and fed.

This may be the last year on the farm, and I remember fondly the summers spent on the farm in the blistering heat, and the comforting tule fog in the fall. Most of all, it’s about family. We have been blessed to have 5 generations gather for the feast and fellowship. Whether you join with a large group, or a small one, take a moment to remember those that are with us and those that have passed. Enjoy the day, and give thanks for all you have.

OK, now a shameless plug for my Boy Scout Troop’s Christmas Tree Lot. This is our annual fundraiser for Troop 999. We open on November 25th (the day after Thanksgiving). All proceeds help our scouts attend camp, buy camping supplies and engage in other scouting events. If you are in the area, and need a tree for the holidays, come on by. We just completed our Scouting For Food project where we collected thousands of canned goods for the Second Harvest Food Bank. The tree lot presents an opportunity to meet with those in my community and help them find the right tree for their home. I believe Troop 924 is still offering free tree pick up and disposal after the holidays. Donations are always welcome.

Tree Lot

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. Drink, be merry and count the blessing in your life.