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$2.6 Million Anti-Harassment Lesson

Beverly Fabrics, Inc. received a harsh lesson in the importance of effective anti-harassment policies and procedures. A Santa Cruz jury awarded Cole Hudson, a former Beverly Fabrics truck driver, $2,600,000 in damages for Beverly’s failure to prevent and correct alleged harassment and retaliation. Represented by local employment attorney Lisa Peck, the month-long trial ended in […]

Overtime Rate for Salaried Nonexempt Employees

How to Calculate the Overtime Rate Almost 20 years ago the California Legislature adopted Labor Code section 515(d). Section 515(d) instructs how to compute the overtime rate of pay for salaried non-exempt employees: For the purpose of computing the overtime rate of compensation required to be paid to a nonexempt full-time salaried employee, the employee’s […]

New Sexual Harassment Protection for Legislative Staff

AB403 Protects Legislative Staff from Sexual Harassment Retaliation Employers cannot retaliate against employees for engaging in protected activity. This includes reporting or participating in an investigation regarding sexual harassment, health and safety issues, patient safety, and other violations of the law. Governor Brown signed AB403 extending similar protections to legislative employees. I suspect AB403 found […]

Usury Claims Cannot Be Waived

This week we have a special article written by Alan Foster of the Foster Law Group regarding usury laws. As Alan explains, usury laws prohibit unreasonably high interest rates. Alan, a corporate and business transaction attorney, explains why a general release does not release a claim for usury. I’ve referred a number of clients to Alan because […]

Sexual Harassment Training Does Not Work

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work A recent study by the EEOC suggests sexual harassment training does not work. In California, employers with 50 or more employees must provide 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training to managers and supervisors every two years. Smart employers train all employees on a regular basis. Does sexual harassment prevention […]

Handbook Updates for 2018

California passed a number of new laws that take effect 2018. Here are a few employee handbook updates employers will need to make: Employment Handbook Updates for 2018 Parental Leave Act California’s New Parent Leave Act requires employers with 20 to 49 employees to provide unpaid, job-protected leave for purposes of bonding with a new […]

Happy Holidays and Predictions for 2018

Happy Holidays Before I get into my employment law predictions for 2018, let me thank my friends, family, colleagues and clients. You’ve helped make 2017 so successful. I am so grateful and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Practicing law gives me the opportunity to help others and change their lives […]

Hiring Caregivers Horror Stories – Part 1

Horror Stories from Hiring Caregivers – Part 1 I help a lot of families, trustees, conservators and other fiduciaries resolve disputes with caregivers. I also represent a number of caregivers in disputes with the families that hired them. I frequently educate those in the circle of care regarding the common pitfalls when hiring caregivers. I […]

New DFEH E-Filing System Launched

New DFEH E-Filing System California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing is rolling out a new DFEH e-filing system on Tuesday November 21, 2017. The new online case filing and case management system is called the Cal Civil Rights System (CCRS). It replaces the Houdini case filing system, which goes away as of 6 p.m. […]