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Workplace Investigations: When, Who, and How

Workplace investigations occur for several reasons. Some workplace investigations result from an employee complaint of discrimination, harassment claims, or wrongful termination. Others are mandated by regulatory procedures. Others, still, are instituted to improve workplace performance. Regardless of the purpose of the investigation, how the investigation proceeds and what it entails shapes an employer’s response and […]

Hours Worked for Calculating Worker Pay

What are the “Hours Worked” for Purposes of Calculating Employee Pay? Employers must pay employees for all “hours worked.”  But does an employer have to pay an employee when the employee is not actually rendering services on behalf of the employer?  The answer may surprise you. Definition of Hours Worked The Industrial Welfare Commission, the […]

Recent Employment Cases Effecting California Workplaces

The following is a compilation of recent employment cases effective California workplaces. California and federal courts and administrative decisions alter the landscape and refine the relationship between companies and their employees.  The Nuddleman Law Firm stays abreast of recent developments so we can better serve our clients. December 2015 Santa Monica College Faculty Association v. […]

Pregnancy-Related Leave of Absence

FAQ’s Regarding Pregnancy Related Leave of Absence California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Act (PDLA) affords pregnant employees the opportunity to take a pregnancy related leave of absence for pregnancy-related disability leaves.  California law protects employees against discrimination or harassment because of an employee’s pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical condition (referred to below as “because of […]

Hiring the Right Attorney

FAQ’s on Hiring the Right Lawyer When you are considering taking legal action, it’s important to hire the right attorney for you.  It is important to have an attorney you trust, and one that can provide you the services you need.  The following are some answers to common questions my clients have when hiring a […]

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for Labor Commissioner Claims?

Do I Need an Attorney at the Labor Commissioner’s Office? Employees that believe they are owed unpaid wages or expenses can file a claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement—aka the Labor Commissioner.  The Berman Hearing process, as it is called, is set up so the parties can represent themselves.  Oftentimes, however, parties will […]

Private Attorney General Act

Labor Code Private Attorney General Act – L.C. §2698, et seq. The Labor Code Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”) enables aggrieved employees to recover civil penalties for violations of the Labor Code on behalf of himself and other aggrieved employees.  If the Labor Code allegedly violated does not set forth a specific civil penalty, the […]

New Laws Require Overtime for Caregivers, Personal Attendants and Companions

California and federal law requires overtime for caregivers, personal attendants and companions.  Different laws could apply depending on whether the employee is hired by a third-party employer or directly by the home owner.  Robert Nuddleman helps families, care agencies and caregivers understand their respective rights and obligations. California’s Overtime Requirements for Caregivers Prior to 2014, […]

Facts and Myths Regarding Employee Handbooks

Are All Employers Required to Have Employee Handbooks? HR professionals and employment attorneys recommend employee handbooks for most companies, but there are no statutes or cases that require employee handbooks.  An employee handbook centralizes the company’s policies, sets forth the company’s expectations for its workforce and describes the benefits available to its employees.  While the […]

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? California and federal courts typically require all litigants to conduct some type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR is a process in which a neutral person helps people who cannot agree, so that they can resolve their case.  ADR is designed to take place as early as possible in the […]