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Bay Area Home Care Provider pays $340,000 for Client Harassment

EEOC Obtains $340,000 for Caregivers Harassed Daily by 80-Year-Old Client  According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, R. MacArthur Corp. agreed to pay $340,000 in damages to five former employees resulting from a client’s inappropriate sexual conduct. R. MacArthur Corp.’s successor, San Oak Caring Hands LLC, agreed to implement measures to prevent future harassment. According […]

Appealing Labor Commissioner Decisions – A Cautionary Tale

Gbolahan Sarumi probably thought it was a good idea to appeal the Labor Commissioner decision. He obviously believed the employee was not entitled to the money awarded, or at least that Gbolahan was not responsible for the payment. He filed his appeal to Superior Court, and several weeks later filed the required bond. He probably […]

Minimum Wage Increases for 2019

Most people know the minimum wage increases in California on January 1st. Employers with 26 or more employees must pay at least $12.00 per hour. Employers with fewer employees must pay at least $11.00 per hour. Other workers must also receive increased pay for the new year. Minimum Salary for “White Collar” Exemptions Most employees […]