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Minimum Wage Increases for 2019

Most people know the minimum wage increases in California on January 1st. Employers with 26 or more employees must pay at least $12.00 per hour. Employers with fewer employees must pay at least $11.00 per hour. Other workers must also receive increased pay for the new year. Minimum Salary for “White Collar” Exemptions Most employees […]

Fall 2018 New Employment Laws – Part 3 Joint Liability

Fall 2018 New Employment Laws – Part 3 Now that the candy and costumes are gone, we have more updates and tweaks to California employment law to report. This week we focus on a joint liability. Yay! More ways employers can be liable for the mistakes of others. SB 1402 expands joint liability for truckers. […]

Fall 2018 New Employment Laws – Part 2

New Employment Laws for 2018 (Part 2) Welcome back to our New Employment Laws for 2018 wrapup and update. This post will focus primarily on hiring practices. This year, the Legislature clarifies hiring practices changes and access to sealed or expunged criminal records of potential hires. Clarification of Last Year’s Salary History Ban Last year, […]

Fall 2018 New Employment Laws – Part 1

New Employment Laws for 2018 It’s that time of year again: new employment laws for 2018. While everyone else in the state is bundling up and raking up the falling leaves, the Governor was busy signing bills. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be cutting through the legalese to explain the impact the legislative flurry has […]

Labor Day is NOT the End of Summer

In the Northern Hemisphere, September 22nd marks the end of Summer, not Labor Day. Many think of Labor Day as the end of Summer because many schools start just before or just after Labor Day, and the weather starts cooling off. It is also the last Federal Holiday before the end of Summer. Labor Day honors the […]

California Rejects De Minimus Time

California Rejects De Minimus Time Four minutes a day might seem inconsequential, right? Not to the California Supreme Court. In Troester v.Starbucks Corporation, the Court held that employers are required to compensate employees for short, unrecorded periods of time worked off the clock. Such de minimus time, which can add up to substantial time over weeks, […]

Waiting Time Penalty Lesson

When an employee quits without notice, there is a myriad of considerations and consequences for an employer. Finding a replacement and keeping the business running smoothly is at the top of many employers’ minds. However, one of the most urgent tasks for an employer when someone unexpectedly quits should be compensating that employee. No matter […]

Nuddleman Law Firm’s New San Jose Office

The Nuddleman Law Firm, P.C. is happy to announce it is moving to a new San Jose office at 95 South Market Street, Suite 500 in downtown San Jose, California. The new location will allow us to continue serving our clients in the South Bay. Our main office will still be in Pleasanton, California, but […]