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Wage Deductions for Exempt Employee Absences

Wage deductions for exempt employee absences Most exempt employees must receive a guaranteed salary. The employee is paid for the work performed, not the hours worked.  This means an exempt employee gets paid the same amount regardless of whether s/he works 8 hours a day, or 1 hour a day.  Employers that fail to pay […]


Pregnancy-Related Leave of Absence

FAQ’s Regarding Pregnancy Related Leave of Absence California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Act (PDLA) affords pregnant employees the opportunity to take a pregnancy related leave of absence for pregnancy-related disability leaves.  California law protects employees against discrimination or harassment because of an employee’s pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical condition (referred to below as “because of […]


Fall 2018 New Employment Laws – Part 1

New Employment Laws for 2018 It’s that time of year again: new employment laws for 2018. While everyone else in the state is bundling up and raking up the falling leaves, the Governor was busy signing bills. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be cutting through the legalese to explain the impact the legislative flurry has […]


Facts and Myths Regarding Employee Handbooks

Are All Employers Required to Have Employee Handbooks? HR professionals and employment attorneys recommend employee handbooks for most companies, but there are no statutes or cases that require employee handbooks.  An employee handbook centralizes the company’s policies, sets forth the company’s expectations for its workforce and describes the benefits available to its employees.  While the […]


FLSA Changes Tip Pool Rules

You take your significant other out for a nice dinner.  The wait staff was friendly, the atmosphere was wonderful, the food was great and even the busboy was friendly. With a warm glow of the great service still shining on your face, you leave a sizable tip; confident that–as is common in many establishments–the tip will […]


New Paid Sick Leave Law Causes Anxiety for Employers

California workers are often faced with a difficult decision: I don’t feel well and I don’t want to go to work where I will get other people sick, but I can’t afford to miss any work. In order to remedy this malady, the California legislature passed AB 1522 creating the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act […]