Employment Law

Dedicated to protecting the workplace. The Nuddleman Law Firm represents employers and employees, giving us an advantage over firms that only focus on one side or the other. An experienced Bay Area employment law firm handling workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, disability discrimination, retaliation and other employment disputes.

Business Law

Advising and representing companies in business matters to reduce potential exposure to claims of all kinds in light of developing law. We draft and negotiate contracts, severance agreements, business-to-business agreements, confidentiality agreements, and advise individuals and companies regarding business disputes. We also litigate cases involving trade secrets, breach of contract, and collection issues.

Wage & Hour

Advising workers and companies regarding unpaid minimum wages, overtime, prevailing wages, bonuses and commissions. Whether representing the employee to recover unpaid wages, advising the employer regarding exemptions and overtime requirements, or defending an unpaid wage claim in court or in a Labor Commissioner audit, the Nuddleman Law Firm brings its expertise, knowledge and experience to give our clients the best opportunity to succeed.

Discrimination & Harassment

Helping employees and employers maintain a workplace free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.  The Nuddleman Law Firm helps victims of unlawful discrimination and harassment. We also develop policies and procedures for companies to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment, and defend employers wrongfully accused of violating the law.


Representing employees and employers since 1997.


Educates attorneys and HR Professionals regarding California employment laws.


Helps you understand how the law affects your rights and responsibilities.

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